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Surrogacy Solutions matches and administers the relationship between people who would not otherwise find one another, those in need of assistance to create their family with those who desire to help people who cannot create their family alone. Our founder is an attorney in Arkansas, a state with laws very favorable to parties in a surrogacy relationship.

On this website you will find basic information about surrogacy, both traditional and gestational, egg donors and our services. E-mail us with additional questions about our services or feel free to call us at: (501) 835-9800. If you are a potential surrogate mother or egg donor and would like to visit with us, please call this special toll-free phone number: 1-800-376-6992.

A Message From Monica

"Surrogacy Solutions helps fulfill the desires of many who long to create a family but are unable to do so alone. Through surrogacy and egg donation, we help our clients while ensuring that each surrogate mother and egg donor is well cared for and emotionally fulfilled. I consider it a privilege and an honor to help infertile persons know the joy of parenthood."  
   - Monica Mason, Founder

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